Fire Protection Engineering

Our unique Fire Protection Engineering department provides most cost effective solutions to your Fire Safety Problems and guides you to comply with the stipulated National or International Codes & Practices related to your premises to ensure safety. Various activities covered under fire protection engineering by our expert team can be undertaken in parts or on turn-key basis as per your requirement. Annual Contracts are considered best method to ensure optimum fire safety for which Vulcan Safety Services Private Limited provides concrete solution. At the end of each activity we endeavour to fulfil our Objective of Providing best Fire Safety to you and the occupants of your premises.

Fire Engineering

Fire Protection Engineering for Owners/Managing Agents of Multi-occupancy Buildings:

Building Fire Safety Systems includes Drawing of plans, Installation, Auditing, Inspection, Testing and Maintenance of Water based and Non-water based (e.g. Powder, foam and Gas based) systems. Fire Risk Assessment is done to identifying areas of concern where improvements are needed.

Key Benefits: